Obligations of IES Coordinator

The Coordinator of the Consortium is the direct beneficiary of ANPROALV and has the administrative and financial responsibility of the project, to be with ANPROALV, either to all the partners of the Consortium. The Consortium Coordinator is also responsible for managing Erasmus grants’ and by reporting on the grant funding.



Obligations of HEI consortium:

For all consortium institutions to actively participate in the management activities of the consortium, a method of sharing obligations will be followed, which will be modified after the first biennium, according to the principle of rotation.

Aiming to effective collaboration, despite sharing obligations, the consortium institutions undertake to join efforts to organize and participate in activities jointly approved for each school year.

 HEI consortium shall have the following obligations:

     1. Active participation in managing cross and best practices;
     2. Active participation in quantitative and qualitative managing;
     3. Responsibility for the quality, the content and the academic recognition of Erasmus placements of its students,
     4. Preparation of the bidding process and selection of candidates;
     5. Ensure follow up of grantees for monitoring of mobility;
     6. Contribute to the dissemination of results and actions with partners;

     7. Participate actively in the European Strategy for Growth and Jobs by encouraging mobility of young people.