EILC 2012-2013


Who can apply?

     · Students enrolled in higher education institutions (with an EUC) that have been selected for a study or internship Erasmus period. Students whose main subject of study is the language of the country organizing the EILC are not, as a rule, eligible participants.
     · Teachers Comenius Assistants may also participate, if there is a surplus of places on a course.


Description of the Action

The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are specialized courses in the less widely used and less taught in the EU, organized in the countries where these languages ​​are spoken.

The EILCs take place in the following 23 countries: Belgium (Flemish Community), Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal , Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and Turkey.

The EILC give to Erasmus students visiting these countries for holding periods of study or work experience the opportunity to study the language concerned for periods between two and six weeks (with a minimum of 60 teaching hours in total, and at least 15 hours of teaching per week) in order to prepare for a period of Erasmus mobility.

Additional scholarships may be awarded to students participating in Erasmus EILC courses, paid by the respective higher education institutions of origin. Shall not be required to Erasmus students any fee for participation in EILC course. May however be charged to them cost excursions or other optional events as well as expenses for which payment is usually required to Erasmus students.


Who formalizes the application?

The student application must be prepared in conjunction with their home institution and returned to the EILC organizing institution in the destination country of the student.

Source: National Agency, 2013